Georgia Ryder

Sales and Business Development Assistant

Georgia has always had a passion for the performing arts, dancing being one of her favourites.

She studied and worked in London for seven years and also lived in Liverpool for a year.

Georgia admires both cities, as they ‘have a lot to offer’, and admits it was ‘a lovely experience’ living there. She recently moved back to Sheffield where all her family are from, and says she loves ‘being able to see them as they now all live on my doorstep’!

She thoroughly enjoys having a monthly visit to the theatre to see any old or new productions with her grandad, a fellow thespian! She and her partner also enjoy long walks and cute trips to the cinema.

As for work, Georgia says she is so happy to be working at Lifetime. She feels the team around her is ‘great’ and there are so many opportunities to learn and progress in the workplace.