September gives that back-to-school feeling

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September gives that back-to-school feeling

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Posted on: 02/09/2013

Thanks to the British weather gods we have had a rather dishy Summer(!) – making us all believe those sacrifices we made during those eight-months of winter pain were all worth it in the end.

However, has it made the beginning of September even harder to accept?

It’s month number nine in the calendar now, and September works like this: you sigh about August coming to a close. Ugh, back to work, you say. Something about having to wear a coat, something about routine, why can’t it be summer for ever, you mutter.

The fact is that September is the finest month of the year, and deep down we all know this to be true. It is the only time of the year when you get that back to school ‘fresh start’ feeling.


You must admit whether you liked school or not, longing for the clean white page of the new academic year, when you have a fresh stab at inventing yourself, and nothing has gone embarrassingly wrong yet? Each year imagining how perfect it might be this time. Exercise books not yet ruined by spelling corrections in red. The shiny, new, unscuffed shoes. The chance to be handed a brand-new timetable, moved up a year and given official confirmation that yes, you have grown.

I still have that back-to-school feeling – no other time of year has the power to make me want to buck my ideas up and get my uniform ready. So ingrained in our seasonal bodyclocks is it that even grandparents get wistful about pencils being sharpened, new school shoes being bought and name tapes being sewn into collars.

Don’t make your new year resolutions in those dark depressing days of winter– it’s no wonder nobody actually sticks to them. Start your new year now, and get ahead of all those fools who think it begins in January. You see, this is even the perfect month to get fit – quick, do it now before they have to grit the pavements! The days are still warm we are promised an extended summer. September is a brilliant month for change and new beginnings.


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