Google? Alexa? Why not ask flo? She may just have the answers you’re seeking….

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You’ve made the decision. Given yourself the go-ahead, the necessary nudge. You have turned on your computer, or brought your mobile phone to life, and headed for the search bar. Let’s admit, it is probably Google!

Or you may have cut out the ‘middle man’ and gone straight to Alexa!

The majority of times it is because you have an issue, a burning question that you are desperate to find an answer for.

One of these perhaps:

  1. When can I retire?                                                                                        6. Why should I be saving?
  2. How much life insurance and protection do I need?                             7. Is my pension okay?
  3. Where can I find a financial adviser?                                                        8. Will I be able to afford to retire?
  4. How much will I need when I retire?                                                         9. What is financial planning?
  5. Can I afford to see a financial adviser?                                                    10. How can I help my children? 

People often seek financial advice because of a specific issue, that one nagging question and feeling that just won’t go away, but right at the heart of that urgent search is one overriding thing: peace of mind. You want to make sure that you can live how you want without ever running out of money. It is an important goal and what Lifetime’s Digital Service is all about.

Take the query, ‘how much will I need to retire?’ It is a very worthy question to put out there. The problem is that after you have gone online and typed those words into the Google search bar (again, sorry Bing), or asked Alexa in almost a hushed tone, you probably won’t get a definitive answer. Not from those two apparent founts of knowledge anyway.

And that’s because ‘how much you need to retire’ isn’t a one size fits all answer. In fact, it is a huge ‘it depends’!

It depends on:

Where you stand in financial terms today – and what you personally deem would be a ‘comfortable’ retirement.

So where can you go to find out what you eagerly want to know? Who can you ask?

Well……..to take a leaf out of Lionel Ritchie’s (song)book, hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

A financial guide like no other, called flo. She and the team here at Lifetime will provide the answers to those vexing questions you have been posing. They will help you fully understand your financial situation.

Lifetime are passionate about helping people plan for their future and allowing them to feel more confident about taking control of their finances.

We believe everyone should have the knowledge they need to manage their financial life, but until now, top-tier advice has been regarded as the preserve of the wealthy. We want to change that and make financial planning more accessible to everyone.

We have established a unique digital service using the latest technologies – with flo as our flag-bearer!

With the experience we have gained over the years we can confidently state that good financial planning helps people make the most of their income so they can enjoy a reasonable quality of life. It provides them with the skills and capabilities to manage their money, both on a daily basis and for the future. In short:

Financial planning helps people make sensible decisions about money.

So ask Google, or Alexa, anything you like. But when it comes to your finances then turn to flo…..and Lifetime.


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