Lifetime tells its ‘gripping’ story to New Model Adviser

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Lifetime tells its ‘gripping’ story to New Model Adviser

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Posted on: 29/05/2013

Lifetime were delighted to welcome award-winning financial journalist Tim Cooper to Barnsley on Wednesday afternoon.

Tim (pictured below), is the ‘cover star’ interview writer for New Model Adviser, part of Citywire, and had journeyed up to South Yorkshire to hear the ‘Lifetime story’.


And when you have such great ‘story tellers’ as Managing Director Ian Dickinson and Communications Director Bill Bottomley at your disposal then it is ‘taken as read’ that the tale will be a gripping one!

Indeed, the weather might have been dark and drab but the chat proved to be anything but!

Ian and Bill regaled the ‘Lifetime story’ with passion, gusto and insight, emphasising the company’s ethics and ‘all in it together’ approach.

Tim recorded the interview, which took up most of Wednesday, before some of the Lifetime directors had their picture taken at Barnsley hospice, who has, of course, been the grateful recipient of money raised by Lifetime’s referral scheme and their help in promoting the hospice charity golf day.

Said Bill: “We were thrilled to have Tim come and see us – and felt very proud and privileged that we could tell the success story of what we are building at Lifetime, and all the people here who play their part.”


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