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Lifetime and Horizon launch exciting BBIS venture

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Posted on: 09/07/2013

Lifetime is planning to help the next generation.

We have set up a pilot project taking business people into schools to inspire young people. Together with Barnsley’s Horizon College, we are embarking on a ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ venture.

It is an innovative series of events where enthusiastic, knowledgeable and authoritative speakers of Barnsley descent, or who are based in the town, from a wide range of backgrounds, will share ‘their story’ with students.

No payment is made to the speakers, they are happy to ‘give their time’. It is an exciting proposition which has an official launch on Tuesday, September 17, 2013.

Lifetime’s idea was sparked by two things. Firstly, our Managing Director Ian Dickinson was invited into a couple of schools to deliver a talk, which proved to be very popular. Secondly the company’s Social Media Manager Andrew Lodge came across a brilliant charity organisation brought into being by BBC journalist Robert Peston, entitled ‘Speakers for Schools’.

That got us thinking – and we duly came up with our own version: Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students.

Said Lifetime’s Communications Director William Bottomley: “We believe Barnsley’s young people have the determination, the drive and the desire to not only reach their own personal goals but to also put the town in a much better light.

“We aim to help provide a little bit of inspiration on the way, by opening up new perspectives and increasing young people’s motivation and aspirations.”

Lifetime were also the major sponsors of the Barnsley hospice golf day in May – which featured a sell-out 23 teams and raised £7,200 for the hospice – and have introduced a referral scheme which potentially will lead to thousands of pounds being raised for hospices, not only Barnsley but elsewhere in Yorkshire. Two cheques have already been handed over to Barnsley hospice; another one is due; and one is also set to go to Scarborough.

Bill added: “We believe passionately in community values and that is why we are championing the hospices. “We believe that we are a company with a big heart and the foundation of our business has always been the strong relationships we have had with our clients.

“Lifetime has been built upon their loyalty and the level of service we have been able to provide. Together we can play a key role in putting something back into the community.”


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