Costly mistakes people make over their pensions

One in three babies born in 2014 will live to the age of 100.

Well, that’s what the latest statistics say anyway.

And here’s another stat for you: People who are now 65 years old are expected to live off their pension for another 21-24 years!

So……the younger you are today, the long you are expected to live.

But by the same token you could make more pension mistakes – and it could cost you.

Everybody makes mistakes in life – and pensions are no exception. And you could end up paying – over a long period – for those pension errors.

Here are 10 pension mistakes most people make (click on each of them for further details):

1. Not Saving Enough

2. Delaying Saving

3. Not Making Sure You Are Getting Good Value For Money

4. Not Checking Your Pension Pot

5. Relying On Inheritance

6. Relying On Property

7. Not Taking Up Employer Contributions

8. Not Using Pensions to Save Tax

9. Not Shopping Around When You Retire

10. Assuming The State Will Provide For You