Transact Platform

An award-winning investment platform offering financial advisers and their clients a modern, efficient way to manage client investment

We started using a Platform to hold our investments in 2003 having become totally disillusioned with the commission-based model that many advisers were using.

Having seen that it is virtually impossible to give impartial advice and at the same time receiving pay from providers, we moved onto a fee based proposition for our clients that gives them and us, the peace of mind that our advice is client focussed.

One of the key decisions that helped us move to this proposition was embracing the Transact Platform to hold our investments.

Transact is an administration company that holds over £12 billion of clients’ money (2012). They do not give any advice, but allow us to use the right tax wrapper for our clients’ investments and there are no restrictions in what we can invest in.

Transact is a transparent system where our clients can see their investments at any time. This sits well with our philosophy of openness, using transparent processes throughout our client relationships.

View our Transact Platform demo here.