Corporate Retirement Planning

Putting a plan in place for regular income during retirement is important.

At Lifetime we have a specialist corporate financial planning department that can help you review, design and implement company-wide pension arrangements with your employees’ best interests at heart.

Planning when to retire and how to pay for it can be an impossible task without thorough Financial Planning.

Retirement planning is not always about putting money into a pension; your income could come from many different sources. But wouldn’t it be great to know that you are going to have enough to pay for the life you want after work rather than just keeping your fingers crossed?

We can advise on executive retirement plans for business owners and the management team using tax efficient plans to maximise income now, as well as planning for the future.

For directors and managers – whether in respect of funding the business now or for your own retirement we can provide bespoke solutions to help you achieve your goals.

For employees – do existing arrangements meet your obligations and budget? Will they remain appropriate in light of legislative changes?

Potential retirement planning solutions could include:

  • Preparing for Automatic Enrolment – legislation from the Government means that every employer now has a legal duty to help workers in the UK save for retirement. Make sure your business is prepared.
  • Stakeholder arrangements, group pension plans, self invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and salary exchange arrangements that can be both an attractive recruitment tool and a justifiable business expense.
  • Pension plans that are geared to helping you and your family reap the rewards from your business directly.

Lifetime’s specialist corporate financial planning department is available to advise you on every aspect of pension planning.