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Giving can make good come from bad

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Posted on: 11/03/2013

This week sees the nation come together to once again ‘give’ to a very worthy cause.

Comic Relief was launched from a refugee camp in Sudan on Christmas Day in 1985. At that time, a devastating famine was crippling Ethiopia and something had to be done. That something was Comic Relief. The idea was simple – get a whole bunch of much-loved British comedians to make the public laugh while they raised money to help people in desperate need both in Africa and locally.

Nearly 30 years on it is so heartening to see that even in times of austerity we are still a nation of ‘givers’.

Here at Lifetime we are also committed to ‘giving’ and supporting good things in simple but effective ways. There is no getting away from the fact that our sector is seen as one of the reasons for the recent austerity and this has attracted a lot of bad press over the last few years, but Lifetime is determined to prove that we are different.

In January we launched our Hospice Referral Scheme. We promise to give 10% of the initial fees generated on transactions from a new client you introduce, to your chosen hospice.

More recently we have also supported Penistone Church FC, a local football club who need to raise funds for ground modifications. One of the many things they are doing is organising a Sportsmans Dinner at the Fairway in Barnsley. Our support was simple but effective, we donated the tickets and posters to help promote this very worthy event. Please visit www.penistonechurchfc.co.uk for more details.

We can all ‘give’ in a variety of ways both financially or with ‘time’ for good causes such as Comic Relief. Whether we are doing something to help people who are less fortunate or to simply support our local community either way Lifetime wants to be seen as a ‘giver’ not a taker.


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