Don’t know where to turn for financial advice? Well….

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Don’t know where to turn for financial advice? Well….

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Posted on: 26/04/2013

A lot of people are now of the opinion you can’t rely on a bank for financial advice anymore.

Those people may well be scratching their heads at where to turn. Well……

Here at Lifetime we are committed to helping you live the life you want to live – now and in the future.

We tell you the ‘Truth’ about money – and answer all the big questions.

We spend time with you, discovering where you have come from and what is important to you. Your hopes, plans, dreams, concerns and aspirations.

RDR, or Retail Distribution Review, has been a hammer blow to many finance companies. Not us. We had been dedicated to a ‘service, service, service’ outlook rather than ‘sell, sell, sell’ for a number of years before RDR came into force.

When the government’s new regulations kicked in we carried on as normal, while the likes of HSBC and insurance giant AXA have opted to cut back and slash jobs.

Axa is to cut 450 jobs in branches of The Co-operative Bank, and Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks, under plans to cease face-to-face financial advice.

The group attributed the decision to the ‘new regulatory environment’ (RDR), which has banned commission payments for financial advice.

Now advisers must clearly explain, up front, to the client just how much the advice will cost and agree on how the client will pay for it.

All something we do as we build a relationship with a Lifetime client.

HSBC has also cut back on financial advice. They say that ‘the changing nature of the business, as well as regulation’ will lead to a ‘potential reduction’ of over a 1,000 roles.

Santander has pulled out of investment advice, cutting 724 jobs in the process. The bank will keep 150 advisers on for its new financial planning division.

And Barclays stopped offering financial advice through its retail branches.

Also the deal that would have seen The Co-op buy more than 600 branches from Lloyds Banking Group – including a number across South Yorkshire, has collapsed.

All the while we are here, ready, able and willing to help.

Get in touch and let’s begin to know each other.


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