Completing your expenditure questionnaire

Understanding where your money goes each month is the bedrock of  your financial plan.  If you’re not giving every pound a purpose then your pounds will find their own way to get spent!  Now that you’ve decided that you would like to speak to a financial planner, it is important to put together a clear picture of your spending.  This page shows you how to fill in your expenditure questionnaire within the Lifetime Personal Finance Portal.

Log in to the Lifetime Personal Finance Portal and click “Go to Your Profile”. NEXT >

Click “Your Finances”. NEXT >

Click “Income & Expenditure”. NEXT >

Click “Your Expenditure”. NEXT >

Begin by clicking “Bills”.  You will need to complete each section in turn. NEXT>

To edit each item click the pencil icon. NEXT >

In the popup box you can add a description and enter your spending.  Use the dropdown to specify whether this is a weekly,  monthly or annual expense.  When you are done, click save and close. NEXT >

If you need to add more categories, you can click “Add Expenditure”. NEXT>

The add expenditure popup will let you add a category, description, amount and payment frequency. NEXT >

Once you have completed a section, click “Done”.  This will save your changes and will take you back to the spending categories, so that you can go on to complete the next one. NEXT >

Once you have completed all four  categories, click “Yes” to mark your expenditure as complete.

Ready?  Click here to log in to the Lifetime Personal Finance Portal.