Clients deliver positive feedback for Lifetime webinar

Lifetime has received some lovely feedback from the ‘Coronavirus Economic Update Webinar’ we staged for clients on Wednesday morning.

In a live format, Rupert Smith, chair of Lifetime’s Investment Committee, was joined by special guests Dr Peter Westaway, the Chief European Economist at Vanguard, and Angie Staunton, an APFC Chartered Financial Planner and Vanguard’s Business Development Manager.

Peter talked about the economy, explaining the impact of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, while Angie explained the merits of Vanguard LifeStrategy funds.

These are a few positive responses from clients:

“Just watched the webinar, I thought it was brilliant! It is clear to me that I am in the correct place with my portfolio. Please pass on my thanks to James and Rupert for organising and presenting. The sessions by Peter and Angie from Vanguard were pitched to me so I could understand it to the extent that the questions I submitted are no longer relevant and do not require further action. My mind is at rest in so much as whatever happens to the market my fund is in the best place it could be.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the invite to this morning’s webinar. I am a numbers guy so the figures and graphs shared by Peter and Angie were both interesting and illuminating. Take care and please let me know if you hold any future webinars.”

“Really enjoyed Peter’s presentation – very interesting/challenging/exciting times. Cheers & ta again.”

“Very good and very interesting. Thank you.”

“Found the webinar extremely useful and supportive. Can you thank all involved.”