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Chronicle captures a Lifetime commitment

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Posted on: 17/04/2013

Today a reporter from the Barnsley Chronicle came to the Lifetime office, together with a photographer, to capture the moment when our first donation was handed to Barnsley Hospice from our referral scheme.

Lifetime is determined to play a leading role in giving something back to the community – and are developing a long-term relationship with Barnsley hospice.

Below you can see Chronicle photographer Brett Carr taking the picture of Managing Director Ian Dickinson handing the cheque over to Vicky Stead, Fundraiser from the Hospice. Vicky said: “I am delighted we have received this donation today but even more excited that this is the beginning of a continued source of donation from Lifetime.”

Ian and photographer

Not only is Lifetime supporting Barnsley Hospice but a client can decided where their donation money goes so potentially thousands of pounds can be raised for hospices up and down the country via our referral scheme.

William Bottomley, Communications Director at Lifetime, said: “We believe passionately in community values and that is why we are championing the hospices.”

“Lifetime has been built upon their loyalty and the level of service we have been able to provide. We continue to grow through the recommendations and referrals we receive. And together we can play a key role in putting something back into the community.

“We believe that we are a company with a big heart.”


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