Bill the big-hearted egg man left shell-shocked!

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Bill the big-hearted egg man left shell-shocked!

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Posted on: 26/03/2013

William Bottomley, our Communications Director here at Lifetime, was shell-shocked when staff at Tesco’s prevented him from buying a pile of Easter eggs.

Big-hearted Bill was planning to splash out on 24 eggs for his five kids as well as the staff of his wife’s own company.

He went for the ‘three eggs for a tenner’ range, filling his trolley with the likes of crème egg, chocolate buttons and flake, but he was stopped from making the mouth-watering purchase at the checkout of the Tesco store on Huddersfield Road in Barnsley.

Said a bemused Bill: “I wasn’t sure whether they were stopping me buying the eggs because I had cleaned them out or because they were worried I was a chocoholic and they had a concern about health! I was shell-shocked to say the least.


“I eventually managed to get to see a supervisor and after a very strange conversation, where I tried to get across why I wanted the eggs, I was allowed to finally buy them.

“I couldn’t believe it though. That’s the first time I’ve ever gone into a shop to buy something and been told that I can’t have that much! Usually, shops and superstores are falling over themselves to get you buying as much as possible!”

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “We are sorry to hear of Mr Bottomley’s experience. We do have a limit on how many eggs can be bought on promotion, to ensure all our customers can benefit.”


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