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Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students

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Posted on: 09/09/2013

Here at Lifetime we are about to embark on an exciting journey, one which we hope will help inspire the future generation of successful employers and employees in and around Barnsley.

Our idea was sparked by two things. Firstly, our Managing Director Ian Dickinson was invited into a couple of schools to deliver a talk, which proved to be very popular. Secondly we came across a brilliant charity organisation brought into being by BBC journalist Robert Peston, entitled ‘Speakers for Schools’.

That got us thinking – and we came up with our own version: Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students.

We are teaming up with Horizon Community College to deliver an innovative series of events where enthusiastic, knowledgeable and authoritative speakers of Barnsley descent, from a wide range of backgrounds, will share their relevant experiences – ‘their story’ – with students.

Horizon are themselves extremely excited about the initial trial of this project at their site on Dodworth Road. We will be launching the project on Tuesday, September 17 and, if successful, it is something we are looking to roll out to other schools in the area.


We believe Barnsley’s young people have the determination, the drive and the desire to not only reach their own personal goals but to also put the town in a much better light.

We would be delighted if you would ‘come on board’ with us. We are not asking you for any money for this venture. Just your time – and your story.

If think you could help provide a little bit of inspiration on the way, by opening up new perspectives and increasing young people’s motivation and aspirations, please get in touch by e-mailing [email protected]


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