A business legacy: MD Ian puts forward his dream for Lifetime

Lifetime Managing Director Ian Dickinson has given a glimpse of what makes him and his forward-thinking company tick – and how he wants it to be remembered.

The ‘Lifetime legacy’ is very important to the Barnsley-born businessman.

Ian (pictured) was kind enough to agree to a ‘question and answer’ request from a local organisation who are helping young entrepreneurs realise their own business dream.

Ian D

In response to the query ‘What would you like your business legacy to be?’, Ian came up with a passionate explanation:

“The legacy is three-pronged: Customers, Employees and Community.

“Customers: Lifetime will strive to deliver and adapt to change so that our customers feel well served by the advice and the relationship they have with Lifetime, knowing that the professionalism of our representatives is second to none.

“Employees: That all our staff feel fulfilled, and challenged by the various work conducted, and that their personal ambitions can be met whilst sharing in the profit and value of the company going forward.


“Community: That in the community we become a highly valued and respected contributor. We have set about creating the reality and I am truly excited to see where this leads!”

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These are some of the other things Ian was asked:

How did you get started in business? What was the hardest part about getting started?

“I resigned my position with a financial company through poor decision making by my superiors and decided to take control of my own destiny. The hardest part about getting my company started? Well, it was understanding all the facets that are needed to be in place before starting out, and then implementing them in good time to become effective in a speedy time frame.”

What do you enjoy most about running your own company?

“Understanding the effect good decision making can have on the business; the positive impact good people have on the business; and seeing those people blossom.”

What business achievement are you most proud of?

“Creating a business where people can express themselves and feel a sense of achievement in the tasks and objectives they and we set.”

What is the one piece of advice you wish someone had told you before you started your own business?

“How long it would take, ha ha! The journey never ends, however. When we started I naively thought that when we reached certain milestones our ambitions would be realised. It took me five years to realise that when the day dawns when you are not striving for new horizons that’s the day when I need to hand the reins over!”

Who or what inspires you to succeed?

“If you have the desire there are many great teachers who are only too willing to share and give guidance. Books I have sought and read have given great insight, but the best teacher in business – in my opinion – are the lessons and teachings of Warren Buffett (pictured below).”


What does the future hold for you and your company?

“The company is in the best position to adapt to the future that it has ever been in, partly because of all the great work that has been done by all involved, and partly because of regulator new legislation. There is no limit to the success Lifetime can achieve but the measure to that success is delivering great service to our customers. We will not compromise on that directive.”