A visit to Lifetime could be ‘Life Changing’

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A visit to Lifetime could be ‘Life Changing’

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Posted on: 07/05/2013

Life changing events happen to all of us. Important events that change the course of life from that day forward. The ones we choose are usually exciting and filled with anticipation: a wedding, a new career, a family started, a move made. All change the course of events in our lives from that day on and we step willingly into them.


It’s the other events that haunt us … the life changing events that we are plunged into without choice or warning. Individual crisis that everyone eventually gets a turn at. The call that a loved one is dying, an accident that changes life forever, a diagnose, a breakup, a job loss all change the course of life from that moment on and we find individuals forging on in places they have not stepped willingly.

If you were given six months to live, would you have the money to enjoy your last wishes? What if your partner dies would you be able to remain in your home and sustain your current lifestyle? If tomorrow you lost the job you hate but can’t imagine leaving, would you immediately look for another one you’d hate, or might you apply a little different criteria to the work you’re willing to do? Would you regret not realising your dream?

Our emphasis is on ‘THIS IS IT!’ You need to get it right because life is not a rehearsal. So plan.

We want your visit to Lifetime to be a life changing event in itself as we carefully ‘answer the big questions’ – your goals, ambitions, concerns – and help you live how you want to live, now and in the future, without ever running out of money no matter what happens. A Lifetime mission. Not a bad one we reckon!


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