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Lifetime Referral Scheme bearing fruit for hospice

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Posted on: 22/05/2013

The Lifetime referral scheme has come up trumps again, with a second cheque being presented to Barnsley hospice.

For all introduced clients to Lifetime, we have decided to donate 10% of any initial fees generated on new transactions completed with these clients, to a local hospice.

And although the referral scheme is still in its infancy, the money is already starting to come in.

Pictured below is Lifetime Managing Director Ian Dickinson presenting the latest cheque to Barnsley hospice fundraiser Vicky Stead.

Vicky and Ian

Vicky said: “I am delighted we have received this donation, but even more excited that this is the beginning of a continued source of donation from Lifetime.”

Not only is Lifetime supporting Barnsley Hospice, but a client can decide where their donation money goes.

Potentially thousands of pounds can be raised for hospices up and down the country via the company’s referral scheme.

William Bottomley, Communications Director at Lifetime, said: “We believe passionately in community values and that is why we are championing the hospices.”

“Lifetime has been built upon their loyalty and the level of service we have been able to provide. We continue to grow through the recommendations and referrals we receive. And together we can play a key role in putting something back into the community.

“The foundation of our business has always been the relationships we have had with our clients and Lifetime has been built upon their loyalty and the level of service we have been able to provide.

“We believe that we are a company with a big heart.”

We want to continue to develop this relationship and we also want to give you the opportunity to make a difference to your community.

The Aim of Hospices:

A hospice is a house, or home, dedicated to the care of terminally ill patients. The first hospice was set up in 1900. There are about 100 hospices in the UK .

Hospices are not funded by the Government. They are paid for by fundraising, donations and money left in wills.

The purpose of hospices is to care for and support patients and their family and friends.

There are 3 main aims of hospice care:

  • To relieve pain. Today it is thought it is not necessary for terminally ill patients to die in pain. Hospices specialize in pain control. Hospice staff believe all pain, however severe can be brought under control.
  • To help patients, friends and relatives face up to death. Opportunities are given to the patients and to family members to discuss death and dying.
  • To care for the emotional needs of friends and family. Hospices help families cope with bereavement before, during and after the death of their relative.

If you would like to take part in the Lifetime Referral Scheme we will provide you periodically with updates showing you how much has been raised by our clients for their local Hospices.

Please contact the office (telephone: 01226 208600) if you would like more details, and thank you for your continued support.


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