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There has never been a more important time to have a plan for both now and in the future, to know exactly what your money can and can’t do for you.

Being in control of your finances, knowing what your future holds and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy your life.

Start your journey today.

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It all starts with a plan

A quick three-step process is all that stands in the way of your financial future.

Step One - Building a Personal Financial Plan

Our responsibility is to guide you through your financial journey. What that ultimately means is that you have a financial plan which accurately reflects your current situation, and incorporates your goals and ambitions for the future.

Your plan is in the form of a bespoke video, put together by your personal Lifetime coach highlighting the opportunities and challenges on the road ahead.

The process is an easy one and your coach is available to help answer any questions you may have.

Step Two - Review the plan with your coach

Once you've received your tailor-made video, you will connect with your coach to review the opportunities and challenges the video has highlighted.

Should your plan highlight any area of your finances that needs further exploration - or urgently addressing - then we will arrange for you to meet with one of Lifetime’s financial specialists.

Step Three - Meet your specialist

Accessing our specialists couldn't be easier. Meetings are organised screen to screen, with no need to travel or prepare for a visit. Your specialist will want to get to know you and discuss the challenges and opportunities your plan has highlighted. In preparation, they will have fully reviewed your video and following the conversation will be able to build recommendations and advice based on your circumstances.

Why do we start with a plan? A plan ensures that we have a full picture of your current financial situation, aspirations and any concerns that may impact your financial journey.

This allows you to make informed decisions putting you in control of your future.

Your questions answered

What does a video include?

We have fully trained coaches that will work with you to create your financial planning video, which will show you where you’re at right now, and where you would like to be. We’ll take anything into account that you tell us, which will help us predict your finances up until your 100th birthday.

What makes the service different?

Our financial wellbeing service will kickstart your journey to better financial health.

Your Lifetime coach will offer personalised support, and be there for unlimited one to one chats if you need help, guidance or more information.

This individualised approach ensures that you receive tailored guidance and assistance that can help you gain full control of your personal finances, have a plan that you understand and can rely on, and look forward to their future with confidence and clarity.

We do the plan first, before the introduction of a specialist, in order to ensure that you receive the necessary financial education and insight to make confident decisions. And if you want to go further and meet with a Lifetime financial specialist, be it for investments, pension advice, mortgage help etc, then that can be arranged.

What if the video raises more questions for me?

Sometimes this might happen, but we would never leave you without guidance. Our coaches can refer you to a specialist if we think that is the best route for your circumstances, or direct you to places you can find more information. The personal videos are bespoke to you and your goals.

What if I'm concerned about a specific area of my finances?

Our service can highlight any areas that need addressing, and a Lifetime coach can help you to work out the best solution by connecting you with one of our financial specialists.

We have specialists in every area that will be able to guide and support you through any questions or concerns you might have, and deliver the necessary advice that suits your needs.

What if I don't want a financial plan?

Whilst we highly recommend that you have an overall plan before making any financial decisions, we can still arrange for you to meet with one of our specialist advisers, such as a mortgage or pensions expert, if your needs are specific.

I don't have a huge amount of money to plan with

A plan is for everyone, regardless of your financial situation. It is not about how much money you have, it’s about being able to live your best life. Having a tailor-made financial plan can boost your happiness, wellbeing and help you achieve your goals and ambitions. Such a plan can help you in the here and now – and also map out your future.

Will I get a financial adviser?

If after receiving your video, you want to go on and address any issues or recommendations arising from your plan, then we can connect you with a Lifetime specialist that suits your needs.

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I don't normally leave reviews, but I am so happy with how smoothly the process was buying my first home, thanks to Scott and the team! I give the 5 star rating as the communication, the honesty and the will to go the extra mile for the customer! The whole process and information provided just made things so easy. I highly recommend this company! Cheers Scott and the Lifetime team!
ashley briscoe
ashley briscoe
Paul Lee, my Lifetime financial advisor, has been an absolute star is guiding me through the process of setting up a drawdown pension prior to my retirement and arranging the monthly pension payments following my actual retirement this month. I have every confidence that Paul is working in my best interests but is always mindful of his responsibilities regarding ethical behaviour and the needs of his own employer. Well done Paul - I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with you.
Steve Pollard
Steve Pollard
Lifetime have offered great customer service and impartial advice to help my family and I plan for the next 5-10 years to meet our financial and life goals. Paul has been very personable and explained products to both my wife and I who have varying degrees of knowledge on the financial products and he has been able to explain clearly to us so we have a full appreciation of the full product set. I feel lifetime have our personal interests at heart and often ask us to keep more cash aside to enjoy life whilst still reaching our goals. Great customer service, both personal and professional and a joy to deal with.
Mark Hield
Mark Hield
I felt that I should look into how to seek help in securing my financial position for my remaining years. I am 72. Lifetime have shown me the way to do this. They have given me the confidence to release part of my funds for them to reinvest with a view to keeping up with the rising cost of living. Kristain at Lifetime patiently guided me through the investment procedure and made sure I understood every step. I am looking forward to feeling more relaxed about my future now I have seen the projected figures drawn up by Lifetime’s experts and feel I am in safe hands.
Ann Dearman
Ann Dearman
Kris Booth has been very helpful and explained all the aspects of our pension plan in a language that is easy to understand. He has also shown us how it will develop in the future and advised us on certain problems we may have with not having done a power of attorney when we did our wills. Nothing seems too much trouble for him, I’m glad I chose lifeline to deal with my pension after hearing some of the issues other people have. Thank you, Regards, Mike Harper
Michael Harper
Michael Harper
Kris and the team at Lifetime have been fantastic during the process of a full financial plan. I was at a stage personally where I needed to look at multiple areas- investing, saving, life cover and pensions. It was really useful to have a full financial review and develop a plan with Kris. Due to my location all meetings have been done remotely - this has not hampered the excellent level of service provided, still feeling personal and always giving all the time required. I would highly recommend
Tim Bardgett
Tim Bardgett
We recently used Lifetime as our fixed rate mortgage deal had come to an end and we were looking to switch to a new lender. Our mortgage Advisor, Scott made the whole process an absolute breeze. Communication was fantastic and he was very flexible when arranging meetings. Everything ran smoothly and I cannot fault a thing. Thank you again!
Chelsea Lowther
Chelsea Lowther
Lifetime have been a fantastic support and help in our house buying process. As first time buyers we were nervous and unsure of the process but Scott put us at ease instantly. He made us feel comfortable to ask silly questions and always had time for us. Without Scott's expertise and guidance we would not be in our first house now, and we are extremely grateful for the role he played. Lifetime has been fantastic and the service is unbeatable. Thank you to everyone who was involved in our journey - we look forward to working with you again!
Beth Hickling
Beth Hickling